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Jun 192019 Cannabidiol (CBD) oil – the non-intoxicating marijuana extract that’s become a hot new “medicinal product” – may have a role to play in maintaining good health and treating disease.  But University of South Carolina research vice president Dr. Prakash Nagarkatti also had some words of caution when he addressed Capital Rotary Club members June 19.  Dr. Nagarkatti (at left in photo with Rotarian Bud Foy) said CBD is useful for easing chronic inflammation that underlies “major clinical disorders” like cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, PTSD, cancer, obesity and some aspects of aging.  His patent on the use of CBD to treat autoimmune hepatitis has been approved by the FDA.   But Dr. Nagrkatti warned that (1) CBD does not cure everything, (2) it can have adverse interactions with other medicines, (3) a doctor’s consultation is important before using CBD and (4) take care that CBD comes from a reliable source with a certificate of analysis.  He noted that CBD being marketed as a “health or nutrition supplement” is not subject to FDA regulation.  Dr. Nagrkatti has undergraduate and graduate degrees in botany, chemistry and microbiology and a doctorate in immunology.  He was named USC’s Vice President for Research in October 2011.

Großostheim Guest speaker Dr Prakash Nagarkatti

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