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Annual Red Cross Blood Drive


Columbia Capital Rotarians roll up their sleeves each summer and give back to the community by hosting a Red Cross blood drive in downtown Columbia. Members donate blood themselves and/or recruit other donors, help to publicize and organize the event and staff it throughout the day. The club’s participation and encouragement enables people to give blood who most likely would not have done so otherwise.

Blood collected at the drive is delivered to a Red Cross laboratory where it is processed into several components (such as red blood cells, plasma or platelets). A single donation may help save the lives of up to three different people. We are proud to have exceeded blood drive goals thanks to the energy and support shown by our members, by the local American Red Cross and by all the donors who’ve joined us in this partnership where everyone wins.

For more information about the American Red Cross, please visit:

Blood Driver Donor

Columbia Capital Rotary member Ione Cockrell was among the donors who gave 67 units of blood at the club’s 2015 annual summer blood drive in Columbia.

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