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Member Schedule & Duties


Upcoming Speakers

23 May 18 Qing Wang China
30 May 18 Dirk Brown Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
6 Jun 18 5th Wednesday Hunter-Gatherer Brewery
13 Jun 18 Amanda Jordan Project Lifesaver
20 Jun 18 Club Assembly Installation of Officers
27 Jun 18 CW Bowman War Stories
4 July18 No Meeting Club Closed
11 July 18 TBD TBD

Member Duties

You are requested to sit at the head table on your assigned day.

GREETER: Welcome all attendees as they arrive.


  • Make sure all attendees sign in.
  • Accept $10.00 per plate for breakfast from visiting Rotarians or guests.
  • Please bring enough cash to make change.
  • Introduce guests when called on by the President.
  • Leave attendance sheet for attendance chairman.
  • Give money to Treasurer.
Front Desk Greeter Blessing Health & Happiness
23 May 2018 Harry Carter Katherine Anderson John Belsher John Guignard
30 May 2018 Blake DuBose Katherine Anderson Ann Elliott Perry Lancaster
6 June 2018 5th Wednesday 5th Wednesday 5th Wednesday 5th Wednesday
13 June 2018 Darren Foy Jon Belsher Tommy Gibbons Robbie McCullough
20 June 2018 Bryan Goodyear Carol Caulk John Guignard Abby Naas
27 June 2018 Marvin Huggins Ann Elliott Perry Lancaster Hal Peacock
4 July 2018 No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting No Meeting
11 July 2018 Andy Markl Tommy Gibbons Robbie McCullough Jim Potter


Vocational Talk

30 May Walker Williams
6 June Katherine Anderson
20 June Jon Belsher
27 June Carol Caulk
11 July Ann Elliott


Meals on Wheels

Address for Pickup: 2817 Millwood Avenue (updated 5/19/18) Senior Resources Website

25 May 18 Bob Davis Neda Beal
1 June 18 Ross Oakley Denise Holland
8 June 18 Mary Kather Bagnal Bill Spacek
15 June 18 Austin McVay Philip Flynn
22 June 18 Walker Williams Chris Ray
29 June 18 John Guignard Carol Caulk
6 July 18 Gloria Saeed Abby Naas
13 July 18 Trey Boone
20 July 18 Andy Markl Darren Foy
27 July 18 Kevin Werner Mathew Pollard

Attendance Requirements

  • Club attendance goal is 100%.
  • Minimum of 30% attendance at Capital Rotary Club regular meetings, 60% including make ups.
  • Must be present for at least 60% of the meeting to be counted as having attended. (As a courtesy to the speaker, please let the speaker know if you must leave early. Avoid exiting in the middle of the speaker’s presentation.)
  • If a member fails to attend as required, the member may be subject to termination unless the board consents to such non-attendance for good cause. Consecutive Absences – Any member who fails to attend or make up four consecutive regular meetings, shall be informed by the board that the member’s non-attendance may be considered a request to terminate membership in the club.
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